classes and events



these classes are designed to give you the classic silver ‘school figures’ of the international dances. the routines and especially the techniques can be used for medal testing, competitions in close categories, for showcases, or simply to improve your understanding and execution of those dances.

we are working on the following dances: waltz, tango, foxtrot, then quickstep and viennese waltz – cha cha, rumba, jive(swing), samba, and paso doble.

leaders and followers each learn their individual parts separately.

7:00pm – waltz/tango/foxtrot

8:00pm – cha cha/rumba/jive(swing)




contrary to the medal classes on tuesday, these classes are geared toward variations, therefore they are not restricted to any syllabus. it’s all about short sequences – we pick a dance each night and work on a short routine – next time we go to another. it more about experiencing different combinations than technique (although, that will always be some part of it)

7:00pm – ballroom

8:00pm – latin

schedule of dances:

1st thursday of the month — waltz & cha cha

2nd thursday of the month — tango & rumba

3rd thursday of the month — foxtrot & samba

4th thursday of the month — quickstep & jive

5th thursday of the month — viennese waltz & paso doble


classes are held at:

infinity dance sport center

7243 engineer rd, san diego, ca 92111


$ 15.00 per person per class