credentials, etc

the dance teacher:

  • original dance teacher education in germany (ADTV certification)
  • decades and over 50,000 hrs of experience of amateurs and professionals in international and american style ballroom dance
  • adjudicator for international and latin dancing with NDCA and terpsichore

the dancer:

  • classical ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance
  • 10 dance professional competitor in international standard and latin in europe and US
  • pro-am competitor in international standard and latin, as well as in american rhythm and smooth
  • numerous performances and shows in US and abroad

the personal trainer:

  • certification in health and exercise (strength training), UC san diego
  • certification in health and fitness (cardio and group training), UC san diego
  • double personal trainer certification ACE
  • over 15 years work experience

great people i’ve met and worked with and learned from:

  • rudolph and mechtild trautz, augsburg, germany
  • rainer salmen, germany
  • carmelita beets, kansas city, mo
  • tom chapman, kansas city, mo….

only to mention a few…….