classes and events


SILVER MEDAL classes (these classes will go into details of the international silver school figures).

leaders and followers each learn their individual parts separately.

7:00 foxtrot

8:00 swing/jive



this will prepare you for a performance for the time we are able to ‘dance’ again – it will include elements and movements of different dances and dance styles to create a unique choreography, danced individually, with distance, and with masks – covi19 style

6:30 – 7:30 pm (NO CLASS, thursday, 26th – THANKSGIVING)


STREAMING of classes with ZOOM

only the tuesday classes are available via zoom

$ 10.00 per class – paying here will automatically register you.

please complete the process at least 1 hour before class, or you may not get an invitation. it will be sent out to your email address with which you registered, shortly before the start of the class

classes are held at:

infinity dance sport center

7243 engineer rd, san diego, ca 92111


$ 15.00 per person per class

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