strength & awareness exercises

these exercises should be done, not in quantity, but in quality, mostly slowly (at least at the start), with attention to details – the goal is to build neurological pathways/awareness and strength at the same time.


exercise:starting position:end position:do’s:don’ts:
double toe raises:feet together – ankles pressed together – flat, with heels on the groundfeet together – ankles presses together, with heels raised off the ground as high as possiblemake sure, the ankles touch each other at all timesdo not let your feet roll to the outside of the ball of the foot
single toe raises:stand on one foot – flat, with heal on the ground – the other foot is either pointing forward, backward, sideways or is close to the standing legsame as beginning, but now high on the ball of the footkeep the weight between the big toe and the ball of the foot of the standing legdo not let your foot roll to the outside of the ball – no weight on the pointing foot